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Graphics Editing Tool

Paint express supports icons and cursors with 32 bit color depth
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10 May 2008

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Do you wish that you could enjoy playing with images while creating icons, bitmap images and cursor file? Well now you can do this with Graphics Editing Tool 1.31 that makes it easy for you to have the images modified and even create new ones for different purposes. Paint a new image or place the text in your image, and apply variety of others features, it’s all about having fun while working. It allows you to work like a professional without getting scared of getting stuck with any complicated features.

Graphics Editing Tool 1.31 consists of the features that would make it easy for the users to create the images and make changes to the existing ones. To start up with you need to select the type of the images that you want to create. You can create a BMP, ICON or cursor file as desired by you and even have the size of the image selected at the very beginning. The right side of the screen shows the tools for painting an image like that of MS Paint that makes these extremely easy to use. You’re provided with different tool like eraser, color replacer, pick color, brush, pencil text, rectangle, rotation, invert color and more. Place text, modify colors and have the RGB level set for the images. The color palette contains a large variety colors and with the customization you can create more of them. You’re even presented with the Filters and Effects features to make the images grayscale, smooth, blur, etc. It is even capable of capturing screen shots of the window, or selected regions as you like. All this and much more can be experienced by having the software.

Graphics Editing Tool 1.31 provides the user liberty with a great deal of flexibility and set of powerful features. The software has been rated with 4 points for its neat performance and for providing with options to create beautiful icons in quick time.

Publisher's description

Paint express offers variety of drawing tools including selection, eraser, color replacer, pick color, pencil and brush, text, fill color, line, rectangle, ellipse, flip, rotation and invert color to create better quality image. It has a fully integrated workspace that allows working efficiently and quickly creating professional icons, cursors and bitmaps and images with 1, 4, 8, 24 and 32-bit color depths. It is capable of creating icons, cursors and bitmaps from existing images. It allows running several searches simultaneously by filtering search results based on image type, height, width and color depth criteria. It is a powerful and easy to use application that supports clipboard manipulation. It allows entire or part of image selection, changing size, erasing selected area, zooming, showing and hiding grid. It shows thumbnails of all images of icon/cursor.
Graphics Editing Tool
Graphics Editing Tool
Version 1.31
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